VAMPS have announced the Japanese release of their album “BLOODSUCKERS”, 4 years on from their previous album.

2014.09.19 TOPICS

VAMPS have been enthusiastically pursuing their global activities since the release of their global debut album “SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL” last September. For the Japanese fans this album was more of a best-of collection, so news of the duo’s third album due for release on October 29th (in Japan) has been a long awaited one.
4 years on from the release of their previous album “BEAST” in 2010, their new original album will feature last year’s singles “AHEAD/REPLAY” as well as their most recent single “GET AWAY/THE JOLLY ROGER”, which charted in at third place on the Oricon Weekly Single Charts after its release in August. The album will also feature the Japanese version of “VAMPIRE’S LOVE”, the Japanese theme song for the vampire movie “Dracula Untold” due for release on October 8th.
The album title “BLOODSUCKERS” is the affectionate nickname VAMPS gives their fans. The new album shows off the sheer global scale of VAMPS’ present musical status, which is bound to rock the 2014 entertainment scene.
There will of course be a global release of “BLOODSUCKERS”, but the details are still shrouded in mystery… Stay tuned for more news to follow!