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Exotic Japanese rockers build global profile, including sold-out headline show at the world famous Roxy in Los Angeles, international tour dates and a single collaboration with Apocalyptica.

VAMPS, the visually arresting rock act formed by and featuring HYDE (L’Arc-en-Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust), are one of the most notable names in Japanese music.

Since coming together in 2008, they have released three studio albums plus a succession of live DVDs, all of them showcasing the band’s signature approach to their craft: grand-scale theatrics and drama married to expert playing and captivating song-writing skills – a potent combination that has led to them playing hundreds of shows at home, ‘taking over’ larger Japanese arenas for multiple nights (including their legendary Halloween and summer events) and growing a massive fan-base dedicated to both the music and the message…

“I want our audiences to feel the wild and immoral side of rock culture. And as we are vampires, our show will obviously be different from that of any other rock band!!” laughs HYDE.

In the wake of two highly acclaimed international album releases, ‘SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL’ (2013) and ‘BLOODSUCKERS’ (2015), VAMPS have gained recognition far beyond their native land from audiences and media across the globe – a continuation down the path the band started in 2010 with their  DVD ‘VAMPS LIVE 2010 WORLD TOUR CHILE’, a title which hit the Number One spot on the Japanese DVD chart; in addition, their album AT the time, ‘BEAST’, was a Top 5 entry on the South American chart, the first time a Japanese artist had achieved such a feat.

In support of ‘SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL’, VAMPS teamed up with Live Nation for a tour of Europe including their debut appearance at the prestigious Download Festival in the UK (2014).

The following year saw the global release of ‘BLOODSUCKERS’, a Top Five Japanese album including the singles ‘WORLD’S END’ (part of Sony’s Xperia mobile campaign), ‘VAMPIRE’S LOVE’, a Top Three single which launched the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Dracula Untold’ in Japan and REPLAY’, the theme song of ‘Dark Labyrinth’, THE world famous smartphone app from ‘Dark Summoner’, downloaded over six million times, as well as ‘THE JOLLY ROGER’, featured in the TV commercial for Nissan’s X-Trail SUV

“The ‘BLOODSUCKERS’ release was a significant moment for us,” reflects HYDE, “as it’s always been our ambition to be in the same position as artists from the UK or the US, artists I listened to when I was a kid. It was actually this desire to be accepted around the world that drove me to create VAMPS and to get the whole project moving forward…

“Our goal is to get our music played on the radio ALONG WITH songs from other bands I admire, to perform on the main-stage at the major rock festivals, to be on the US Billboard chart… all of the things that most acts want to achieve in their career.”

“Music shouldn’t really have any boundaries,” sums up K.A.Z, “everything should be possible.”

VAMPS kicked off their 2015 world tour in Jakarta, before heading out on a 12-date Stateside run with Sixx:A.M. and Apocalyptica AFTER Sixx:A.M. performed at VAMPS’ own festival, ‘VAMPARK FEST’,earlier in the year (Gerard Way, Nothing More and Buckcherry were amongst the other names on the bill). VAMPS concluded the US tour with their very own headline show in New York CITY, as well as a slew of performances at some of the biggest US rock festivals including ROCK ON THE RANGE, followed by visits to Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

“We decided to think differently,” says HYDE, “to take a whole new approach. By bringing overseas artists to Japan to play on our tour or our shows, we feel we can start to work more organically with them, to create a certain bond…”

“The ‘exchange tour’ concept is a great way for our fans to hear the music of other bands,” nods K.A.Z, “and of course it can work the other way around too, creating opportunities for us to perform outside of Japan and to collaborate on fresh musical projects. It’s a wide world, and it’s always exciting to have the chance to create something new.”

 July 2015 saw VAMPS perform at both Japan Expo in Paris, FRANCE and Japan Night in London, UK before hosting their very own annual summer Beast Party in Japan AND heading to South America in the fall for shows in ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE AND MEXICO. Fall 2015 also saw VAMPS sell out the ROXY in LOS ANGELES – The world famous venue that helped launch the careers of iconic artists such as the THE ROLLING STONES and BOB MARLEY.

VAMPS are returing to Europe as special guest to  Apocalyptica on their UK tour in late November – a thrilling live package supported by their single collaboration ‘SIN IN JUSTICE’, out now via Spinefarm Records, VAMPS’ international label since ‘SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL’. SEE THE LYRIC VIDEO FOR ‘SIN IN JUSTICE’ HERE (

     For HYDE, K.A.Z & Co., inspired by the band’s burgeoning international recognition, ‘SIN IN JUSTICE’ could be the first of many collaborations with other artists they respect, and it’s clear that their list of high profile friends and supporters in rock ‘n’ roll is already pretty impressive…

Nikki Sixx  / Motley Crue + Sixx:A.M.)
“I have had the honour of playing in Japan for over 30 years. This past year, I had one of the biggest honours of my career, playing at the famous Budokan with my band Sixx:A.M., as Special Guests to the rock group VAMPS.  VAMPS’ musicianship and showmanship is equalled only by their humility, and I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my career.” 

Jonny Hawkins / Nothing More
“We’ve been touring the world non-stop for almost two years and Japan has some of the best rock fans on earth.  VAMPS brought us to Japan for the first time and we can’t wait to play with them again!” 

Josh Wilbur  / Producer of the ‘BLOODSUCKERS’ album and Mixer of the ‘SIN IN JUSTICE’ single)

 “I love working with VAMPS. They are true professionals and incredible talents. They have impressed me every time we’ve entered the studio with their high level of song-writing plus a style that is unique to them. They are one of my favourite bands to work with, and their live show is just as impressive as the music they make.  They are a great band and I feel privileged to be able to work with them…”

Nick Rowe / Recording Engineer for ‘SIN IN JUSTICE’
“HYDE is a great singer… powerful, nuanced and precise.”

Sean Beavan / Mix Engineer for HYDE’s solo album, ‘FAITH’
“HYDE and K.A.Z are the Dynamic Duo, superheroes of rock ‘n’ roll – true forces of rock ‘n’ roll nature! And HYDE is one of the great frontmen. He’s Japan’s David Bowie.”

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