(sic)boy [読み:シックボーイ]

2019年にSoundCloud上に公開された楽曲の強度の高さが話題を呼び、昨年10月にリリースされた1stアルバム『CHAOS TAPE』は東京をテーマにした独自の世界観とジャンルレスなサウンドから“ジャンル東京”と称されサブスク合計再生回数は8000万を突破。
Spotify「RADAR:Early Noise 2021」への選出、Apple Music「Up Next」への選出、YouTube Music「YouTube Music Sessions 2021」へ選出されるなど国内で大きな注目を集め、アメリカの大手ヒップホップメディアLyrical Lemonadeで日本人アーティストでは初めて楽曲レビューがアップされるなど海外からもその存在が注目され始めている。

(sic)boy, known for his unique presence and musical style of incorporating elements from Alternative, Emo, Loud Rock, as well as the melodious flow of J-Rock into the Hip-Hop genre. In 2019, his song caught lots of attention on SoundCloud, praised for his production quality and uniqueness. His 1st album CHAOS TAPE, released in October 2020, surpassed 80 million streams. The concept of the album was based on a unique perspective of Tokyo, with a genre-less sound named “Genre Tokyo”.

The great success led to features on Spotify’s “RADAR: Early Noise 2021”, Apple Music’s “UP NEXT”, and YouTube Music’s “YouTube Music Sessions 2021”, making (sic)boy the first to be featured in all programs, which proves his growing presence in the Japanese music scene. On top, (sic)boy was picked up by the renowned US-based Hip-Hop media, Lyrical Lemonade, making him the first Japanese ever to be specially featured and attracted attention globally.