NOA 2000.3.13 東京生まれ 






2020年1月Amuseより1st Digital Single「LIGHTS UP」でデビューし、本格的に音楽活動開始。

同年6月リリースの2nd Digital Single「TAXI feat. tofubeats」が、堂々タイのSpotifyバイラル・チャートで1位を獲得。


2021年1月に1st Digital EP「Too Young」をリリース。

プロデューサーにKsuke、Ryosuke”Dr.R”Sakai、Chaki Zulu、mabanuaを招き、POP・R&B・DANCE等、様々なルーツを打ち出した作品となった。







NOA DOB March 13, 2000     


NOA is a trilingual (Japanese/English/Korean) singer song writer who also choreographs.


When he was 12, he was scouted as an artist in a hair salon in Korea where he was residing at the time and passed the major artist management’s audition. After spending 6 years in Korea as a first-ever Japanese trainee, he returned to Japan in 2018.


NOA started his career as a musician by releasing the 1st Digital Single “LIGHTS UP” in January 2020 via Amuse.

His 2nd Digital Single, “TAXI feat. tofubeats” (June 2020) reached No.1 on Spotify Thailand viral chart.


His 1st Digital EP “Too Young” has been released in January 2021.

Inviting Ksuke, Ryosuke”Dr.R”Sakai, Chaki Zulu, and mabanua as producers, this EP features NOA’s various musical roots including POP, R&B, and DANCE.


When his first online concert was held in March, it was trending on Twitter (Indonesia #3, Philippines #8, Thailand #26).


NOA actively collaborates with domestic/international artists targeting a global market.

He’s determined to be a global artist and keeps producing wide variety of tracks.


NOA is a multi-talented artist of the new generation.