majiko ALBUM「Ai Am」(Weaver of Love)
2022.11.16 Release

🔻💿available now!  (OVER SEAS)

🔻💿available now!(OVER SEAS)



「Ai Am」(Weaver of Love), the 3rd full album after the major debut will be released on November 16th!

●The title is「Ai Am」=I am
“Ai Am” (I am) - the theme of this album is “Proof of Existence.”
Besides four tracks, “Shiroi-semi”(White Cicadas), “FANTASY,” “Gouka-no-Etoir”(Inferno Star), and “Kousaten” (Cross Roads) which have been released on August 2021,
9 new tracks for the album are included with the hope that by proofing the existence of oneself, the listener can meet the “Salvation”.

●Limited Edition includes the full video of majiko’s one man live “Medewakaru at The Garden Hall”!
Limited Edition includes the footage of 《majiko one man Live 2022 “Medewakaru” at The Garden Hall》 (July 2022), the first live performance held in one and a half year.
The setlist of this sold-out concert will definitely aspire the fans with 18 songs includes the performance of “Kokoronashi” and “Hibiwareta Sekai”,
which got 25 million (Kokoronashi) and 10 million (Hibiwareta Sakai) views on YouTube.
Prior to the album release, live performance videos of “Shiroi-semi”(White Cicadas) and “Wonderland” from the show has been released on YouTube official!

The album 「Ai Am」(Weaver of Love) is now available for Pre-order internationally!
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【Release date】
●pre-release track
2022.10.26 Digital Release!
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ALBUM「Ai Am」(Weaver of Love)
2022.11.16 Release



💿Limited Edition [CD+Blu-ray (Live)] UICZ-9222 7,000 JPY + Tax
💿Limited Edition [CD+DVD (Live)] UICZ-9224 6,000 JPY + Tax

💿Standard Edition [CD] UICZ-4613 3,000 JPY + Tax

[CD] *Track list is the same for Limited Edition & Standard Edition.
04.Time Capsule
05.Cross Roads
08.Love song
10.Inferno Star
11.White Cicada
12.No More Robot
13.I am

[Limited edition DVD & Blu-ray]
Live performance video of majiko “one-man live medewakaru at The Garden Hall” (2022)
01. kuruoshiihodoni kimiwa utsukushii(Madly beautiful to me) 02. Escargo 03. Shiroi-semi(White Cicadas) 04. Gouka-no-Etoir(Inferno Star) 05. Katteni shiyagare(Do as you please) 06. Ichiou watashimo naita(I cried just in case)07. hibiwareta sekai(Cracked world) 08. Emily to 15noyakusoku(Emily and 15 promises) 09. Sekaiichi shiawasena hitoribocci(World’s happiest alone) 10. Kousaten(Cross Roads) 11. mimizu(Earthworm) 12. FANTASY 13. Wonderland 14. Paranoia 15. Grimm 16.23:59 EN 1. Kokoronashi EN 2. Koe(Voice)


【Live infomation】
one-man live
「majiko Presents “愛編む” Release Party ~強行突破編~」
(majiko Presents “Ai Am” Release Party ~forced through edition~)
2022.12.18 Sun Hanagekizyo, Asakusa TOKYO ⇒https://www.hanayashiki-kagekijo.com/
OPEN 16:45/START 17:30



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