AK “Heaven Is Right Here” Collaborated with Ananda Project Ananda Projectのアルバム Beautiful Re-Searchingに収録され 2013年10月15日リリース!

2013.10.14 TOPICS


There are only certain electronic groups whose original song versions warrant full album versions of their remixes. Ananda Project is one of those groups. Many, if not every one of the original songs spawned by producer Chris Brann were so well received, they gave rise to a remixed version and subsequent albums of those remixes being put forth. With Release came Re:Release, with Morning Light came Relight, Fire Flower came Night Blossom. and now with Beautiful Searching comes Beautiful Re-Searching. This 4th remixed album of theirs is chock full of what you love about AP and it all gets musically redefined by some of the best names in the biz. Songs like AP feat. AK’s “Heaven Is Right Here” (Kiko Navarro Club Mix and Danny Krivit & Dazzle Drums Vocal Mix), AP feat. Marta Gazman’s “Beautiful Searching” (Jerome Robins Deep Mix), AP feat. Mia Tuttavilla “Awareness” (Kerri Chandler Vocal and Demrkus Lewis Main Mix), AP feat. Terrance Downs’ “Where Do You Come From” (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Main Vocal Remix) and more are all here for you to enjoy and dance til the early morn.

1. Ananda Project feat. AK / Heaven Is Right Here (Kiko Navarro Club Mix)
15. Ananda Project feat. AK / Heaven Is Right Here (Danny Krivit & Dazzle Drums Vocal Mix)

KSD 233
Ananda Project / Beautiful Re-Searching
Worldwide Release Date: October 15, 2013