Just announced VAMPS 2-song tie-up, “AHEAD” and “REPLAY”, to be released soon!

It has been 2 long years since their last single was released, but VAMPS just announced that 2 new songs are coming very soon. These 2 singles are the first from VAMPS since they signed with Universal Music International / Delicious Deli Records. The singles are titled, “AHEAD”, and “REPLAY”.

“AHEAD” is being released in partnership with Sony Mobile Communications, and will be featured in a commercial for their Xperia UL mobile phone airing May 25th! “AHEAD” is about, “this locked up society is not the end of the world. It is actually the start. There is no time to stop. GO AHEAD”, as if referring to VAMPS themselves.  

VAMPS say “AHEAD is a single releasing after a long time, and we wanted to make it energetic. At the same time, the song fits the concept of the commercial so we were glad to make this happen. Hope you enjoy both single and the commercial.”

Mr. Sasaya from Sony Mobile says “it was the real pleasure doing this tie-up. Not only did they create a song for us, but they also agreed to appear in the commercial. I really appreciate what VAMPS did for us.”

You read that right, as an added bonus to VAMPS new song debuting in the Xperia UL commercial, VAMPS will be making their commercial debut as well.  Rumor has it you’ll be able to see HYDE acting like an honor student, reading a book, wearing his glasses, etc. But it gets even better… “AHEAD”, will be available on iTunes and as a Mobile Ringtone, May 22nd!

VAMPS 2nd new song, “REPLAY”, is also making a strong debut! “REPLAY”, will be the theme song of “Dark Labyrinth”, one in a series of a world-famous smartphone apps from, “Dark Summoner”. The app has already been downloaded over 6 million times worldwide, and is sure to gain more fans from this great tie-up with VAMPS.  

“AHEAD” will be released on iTunes and Mobile Ringtone sites on May 22nd.

Both songs, “AHEAD” and “REPLAY” will be releasing on CD, July 3rd!
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■Commercial “Xperia UL”:
■「AHEAD / REPLAY」 Releasing on July 3rd
◆Limited Edition “A”(UICV-9034) \1,600(w/ Tax)
M1:AHEAD ※ “Xperia UL” Commercial track
M2:REPLAY ※ “Dark Summoner” Theme song
M3:AHEAD (Instrumental)
M4:REPLAY (Instrumental)
DVD:Music Video “AHEAD” and more
◆Limited Edition “B”(UICV-9035) \1,600(w/ Tax)
M1:REPLAY ※“Dark Summoner” Theme song
M2:AHEAD ※“Xperia UL” Commercial Track
M3:REPLAY (Instrumental)
M4:AHEAD (Instrumental)
DVD:Music Video “REPLAY” and more
<Special content only for limited edition “B”>
:Serial code for downloading special monster/item of the game
◆Regular Edition(UICV-5022) \1,200(w/ Tax)
M1:AHEAD ※“Xperia UL” Commercial Track
M2:REPLAY ※“Dark Summoner” Theme song
M3:AHEAD (Instrumental)
M4:REPLAY (Instrumental)
◆Limited Edition “A” includes a DVD of the music video “AHEAD” and “Xperia UL” Commercial
◆Limited Edition “B” includes a DVD of the music video “REPLAY”, a trailer for the new series of the game, and the Serial code for downloading a special monster/item of the game
◆every single edition has a serial code for VAMPS CHANCE
◆both limited editions “A” and “B” has an extra DVD(Commercial making movie etc..)