IDEA | イディア





2013年夏、ダンスを交えた曲「AI」が、楽曲コンテストに応募してわずか4日でダンスミュージックカテゴリーでランクインし、都内ラジオ番組で PICK UP ARTIST として「AI」がオンエアされる。

2017年よりIDEAとして本格的に活動を開始、同年9月ユニバーサルミュージックより「I’m Thirsty~渇き~」を1st配信リリースし、そのあと続けて3曲配信リリース。


2018年9月26日待望の1st ミニアルバム「 I 」を発売。 2019年より海外進出を目指しロサンジェルスでレコーディングを行う。制作にはマイケルジャクソンなどレコーディングを手掛けグラミー賞受賞者でもあるスティーブ・バーグマンを迎える。

2019年10月11日ユニバーサル ミュージック インターナショナルBRから2nd ミニアルバムを配信リリース。



▼8月31日生まれ A型






IDEA started very early in music, playing the piano from 3 years old.


In 2000, she won the Solo Division Excellence Award for the PTNA  (Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan)  and in 2001 she won the Yamaha Festival Excellence Award.


Under her mother influence, a gospel singer, she has been on stage_ since 2000. 

IDEA started appearing on National TV network in 2002 on the “New Nippon Expeditionary Party” TV show on Nippon Television channel.


In the year of 2004, she went to New Zealand to improve her English language skills.


In 2013, “AI”, her first single, was classified in a _musical contest in the dance music category in just 4 days. 

The original song “AI” was broadcast on the Tokyo radio program as “PICK UP ARTIST”.



In September 2017, she released her first major single “I’m Thirsty” by Universal Music Japan, starting her career as a professional singer. 


Since 2017, IDEA has been leading a weekly [E: d-EYES] program on the _Nagoya ZIP-FM radio.


Since then he has released three more singles, “All About You” in November 2017,

“Wake Up” in December 2017 and “Brand New Way” in April 2018. 


In September 2018, the awaited first mini-album “I” released as a _collection of previous work and two new songs, “Drive me Wild” and “Always Beside you”.


The song”Always Beside You” was the theme of the 25 year anniversary of _Nagoya’s largest radio to ZIP-FM.


In April 2019, he released his latest work “To the Future” for TV commercial in Japan.


In May 2019 IDEA went to the United States in LA to record and produce his new songs.  It’s  EP with 6 songs  in English.

 The pre-production was made in Japan by the music producer Renato Iwai, who also made the songs with IDEA.


 The Music Production, Arrangements and all recordings  made by Steve B and Alex Elena At Next Level Mastering in LA

 The Mastering was made by Brendan Duffey at studio Brendan Duffey Audio  Daves, California