VAMPS’ new track “VAMPIRE’S LOVE” has been announced as the theme song for the Japanese release of “Dracula Untold”! A collaborative Movie Ticket Card will be available to mark this release!

The horror action epic “Dracula Untold”, due for release in Japan on Oct 31st, tells the previously untold legend behind the well known character “Dracula” on an unprecedented scale through the use of stunning visual effects. It has been revealed that internationally famous rock band VAMPS will be providing their new track “VAMPIRE’S LOVE” as the theme song for the Japanese release of this movie.

The story tells the tale of Vlad Dracula, a historical ruler from the 15th Century who is thought to be the model of Dracula himself. The story reveals Dracula in a novel and different light, presenting a stylish action-packed epic with awe-inspiring visual effects.

The band name “VAMPS” derives from HYDE’s long-lasting love of vampires, which he continues to visually prove in several of his performances including their annual star studded Halloween events. The movie distributor recognised VAMPS’ love for all things vampire, and approached the duo to write a theme song for the movie. What they weren’t expecting was for the duo to already be in the process of writing a track titled “VAMPIRE’S LOVE”. The track’s portrayal of the love and emotional pain of vampires matched perfectly with the image of Vlad Dracula sacrificing himself to evil for his country and loved ones, resulting in this destined collaboration.

VAMPS commented, “We hope everyone has a chance to hear this song, which we wrote to portray the tragic and heart-rendering fate of vampires. We just happened to have been writing this song when we heard about this vampire-themed movie… I believe this is fate”. About the film, they commented, “The origin story of Dracula, who represents all vampires, has never been told with such depth. We’re looking forward to seeing it”, showing their excitement for the movie. It was also announced that a collaborative Movie Ticket Card will be exclusively available to mark this collaboration.

The release date for “VAMPIRE’S LOVE” is yet to be announced.

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This action horror epic brings you Dracula’s legend and heroic battles told through stunning visual effects.
The origin story of Vlad Dracula, the historical ruler from the 15th Century said to be the model behind Dracula.
To protect his people and family from the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, he strikes a deal with the dark forces, which he will inevitably have to sacrifice himself for.
Can he remain a hero even if he turns to darkness?

Director: Gary Shore
Starring: Luke Evans (“Fast & Furious 6”, “Clash of the Titans”), Sarah Gadon “Cosmopolis”, “A Dangerous Method”), Dominic Cooper (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, “Mamma Mia!”)
Presented by Universal Pictures/Legendary Pictures
Distributed by TOHO-TOWA
© Universal Pictures
Nationwide release from Fri Oct 31st

【Collaborative Movie Ticket Card】

To add to the musical collaboration, there will also be a visual tie-in. The first will be in the form of a “Dracula Untold x VAMPS collaborative visual Movie Ticket Card”, with 5000 exclusive tickets being made available for purchase from Fri August 8th. A second version will be released in September with more posters and merchandise to follow, up until the release date.

Please look forward to this memorable collaboration, which together no doubt will tell the origin tale of a never seen before Dracula. We would appreciate it if you could consider this information for publication.

[1st edition]:
Available from nationwide TOHO cinemas August 8th (Fri), and via Play-guide.
Please inquire at individual cinemas for details. Only 5000 VAMPS version movie tickets are available for purchase.

[2nd edition]: planned for release in September.

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