私は今、日本の直面している途方もなく大きな難題について考えます。しかし心には痛みを感じながらも、日本の将来には大きな希望を持っています。特に国連 親善大使としては、障害をもつ方やお年寄りの方に、私が応援しているということをお伝えしたい。これまでにも日本がそうしてきたように、日本の力と忍耐強 さは、地震と津波の影響を乗り越えるということを私は信じています。本当に、日本人の方々の勇気と品位には心を打たれます。今、世界中の人々が、祈りと希 望、そして、夢を日本の方々に託しています。最も礼儀正しく、美しい国の方々へ。


Hi, this is Stevie Wonder.

Every time I've been to Japan, I've felt the warmth of the rising sun. Every time I've had the privilege of sharing my music with Japan, I've felt the generous love and respect from you, my people, the people of Japan.

Now, I appreciate the tremendous challenge that your country is currently facing. I have sadness in my heart, but hope in my dreams for your future. As the United Nations Messenger of Peace, with a focus on persons with disabilities, please know that I stand in solidarity with you and your country, particularly those with special challenges such as the disabled and the elderly. As you have in the past, I know that your strength and tenacity will find a way to preserve and overcome the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. The courage and the dignity of the Japanese people is awe-inspiring. The people of the world extend our prayers, our hopes, and our dreams to the people of Japan, a most gracious and beautiful country.

I'm here for you because I love you.