Jephte Guillaume pres AK’s “Shining Your Way” (DJ Spen Remix) USAレーベル King Street Soundsから2011年4月5日全世界リリース!

2011.03.05 TOPICS


Organic Afrobeat DJ/Producer of Tet Kale Orchestra and former member of Wave Music’s nujazz band Abstract Truth, Jephte Guillaume originally brought forth a lovely sexy mid-tempo tune graced by the delicate vocals of sensual songstress, AK. Already championed by the likes of Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, and Joe Claussell, this elegant production became one of the best soulful house tunes out there. Now back on the beat, DJ Spen of The world-famous Muthafunkaz, brings more bounce per every ounce of soul contained in the original. With a jammin’ MF remix using AK’s original vox, this also includes a new “Feelin Mix” with a brighter more in ur face vocal. Ain’t no sleepin on the Dub neither, as he injects a bigger chorus to match the elevated energy level offered on his 4/floor pumpin’ remix. Package also includes Danny Krivit’s Edit and the classic Blaze with Jihad Muhammad Vox mix.

KSS 1333
Jephte Guillaume pres AK’s “Shining Your Way” (DJ Spen Remix)
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Worldwide Release Date: April 5, 2011